Monday, June 25, 2012

Finding Whales on Google Map

I ran into a website called GoogleSightseeing last week and found it very interesting.

Google Map is a useful tool for getting directions and traffic info, but I never really thought to explore the world with it.  The sight introduced me to many fascinating view of the planet from above. With the ever improving satellite imagery and Street Views, we can virtually visit even the remotest corners of Earth.

I'd learned that one of the most elusive subjects on Google Map is a whale!

It sounded as fascinating as treasure hunting, so I spent one afternoon looking for a whale on Google Map.

Crazy idea?

but I did find the most convincing image off the coast of Patagonia!

The resolution is not too good, but it seems to be two whales swimming, perhaps a mother and a calf.  The larger one is just under 20 meters long and a pectoral fin is clearly visible.

Coordinate is

-42.377004,-64.061738  (where the green arrow is pointing)

if you'd like to check them out yourself!

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