Saturday, July 28, 2012

Atlanta Artist Center's Figure Group

Earlier this month, I visited Atlanta for a week to take care of some businesses.

Since I drove down with a complete plein air set, I decided to join Atlanta Artist Center's live model session and meet up with a few artist friends.

Because there was no space in my car to transport large wet paintings, I had only 6x8" canvases.  It was not easy painting a figure on a small surface!

I'm glad that I got to try out my new easel, though.

I've been looking for a travel easel as light and easy to set up as camera tripods, and found Crative Mark Feather Pro 190.  This is a very sturdy and well made easel that weighs only 3.5 lbs.  I was missing a place to put down brushes, so will devise a cup holder next time.  Other than that, it worked quite well!

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