Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Book of British Art School Lessons

While searching for literature about Fred Cuming, I discovered a book published in UK called Painter's Progress.

Fred Cuming is not well known in the U.S. unfortunately, so any material that gives me insight into his painting method is a treat!  I was able to order an used book in a pretty good condition from Amazon.

Cityscape lesson by F.C.

Still life lesson  by F.C.

I am also pleased with how the book presents a theory and then suggests ways for us to practice it in an  organized sequence. There are many 'Learn to Paint' books out there, but most make us duplicate the author's painting in a step-by-step manner. Those are too inadequate for me, because I want to know the concept behind good art.  This book is more theoretical. It's about perspective and composition and color theory. I also love how the theories are demonstrated in various styles, from Representational to Abstract.

This will be my text book and reference from now on.

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