Friday, February 8, 2013

Demo Night and Water Soluble Oil Paint

Thursday was a member demonstration night at Woburn Guild of Artists.
As part of a group demonstration, I did 1-hour demonstration of landscape in oil.

9 x 12 in

Because I use water-soluble oil paint, I received quite a few questions about it.  I love water based oil paint.  It is just like a regular oil paint, without all the mess.  No toxic chemicals are ever needed, and clean up is so quick.  Oh, and the brushes last longer, too.

One key thing to remember about water-soluble oil paint is, DON'T EVER MIX IT WITH WATER WHILE PAINTING.  Even though many publications say you can, everyone who's tried it knows that the paint will turn into a thick, gummy substance as soon as it's mixed with water.  When too much water is mixed, the paint will crack as it dries.  Be sure to paint with medium created for water-soluble oil paints, and you will LOVE painting with it!

Here are some brands I use:

  • Holbein Duo Aqua Water-Soluble Oil
  • Cobra Water-Mixable Oil Paints

Student grade paint
  • LUKAS Berlin Water-Mixable Oil

  • Winsor & Newton Artisan Thinner

Quick-dry medium
  • LUKAS Berlin Water-Mixable - Quick Dry Medium

  • Master's Brush Cleaners and Preserver

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