Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fred Cuming's Palette

I LOVE Fred Cuming's atmospheric landscapes filled with light and color.  My dream is to fly to England and buy one of his original paintings.

His colors are muted, grayish, yet transparent.  I've always wondered how he mixes such color, so watching his DVD was an exciting insight into his creativity.

The most interesting discovery was how different his palette was.  Standard colors like Cadmiums and Alizarine Crimson were not on the palette.  He used colors unfamiliar to me instead.

The colors mentioned during his demo

To this, he adds Cerulean, Vermillion, Cadmium, Sap Green, and/or Alizarin Crimson as needed.
It was a moment of revelation when I saw Indian Red on his palette.  I have attempted without success in the past to mix his grayish-pinkish-violet that he uses frequently in light.  Indian Red was the answer to it.

The lesson learned - keep my mind open and keep trying new colors!

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  1. Were they Winsor and Newton paints? There's so much variation between manufacturers.